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Text: Aki Ikemura from Ici La Lune

"Cable car" Sonia Marques


It's not a design nor an art.
The French site "
Teleferique" started in March, 1999 is a bit different from the usual Internet sites.

What is "Teleferique"?

The core members are five artists and programmers that graduated from Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris. (I mentioned their school because most people in this field graduated from digital-related schools. I mean this will be a hint as to why this site is a bit different from others.)

In a word, it's not too much to say that it's an experimental site of art + programming. But I think it's more than that. One of the interests of this site is that it showcases artists' graphics a bit different from designers' graphics.

Téléférique 3D

This "Teleferique" working both online and offline uploads artists' works (each artist uses their own form and way to showcase the works) on ftp (file transfert protocol). They also approach offline people who are not familiar with computers with a site presentation, video projection and demonstration of application at some alternative places like Acces-Local and Public .

"Teleferique" is a place where artists and infomaticians (computer scientists) create something together on the Internet. We aim to mix the different fields such as science, design and sound, and develop a new style in art world using the Internet", Etienne Cliquet and Sonia Marques, representatives of "Teleferique", said.
Their future development is worth checking.


*The site is French only right now. The English and Japanese version is under construction.
*Mac users should use Netscape.

"Phosphene" Sonia Marques & Robin Fercoq

Their future offline schedule :

Villa Arson
1-8 April 2000
06100 Nice
La Reserve
June 2000
50 rue d'Hauteville Paris 10eme

Vitrine verte de Sonia Marques à Public>

*Public> is located at the right back of Centre Georges Pompidou.
It was originally a gallery specialized in young artists of contemporary art.
Villa Arson is one of the important art center in South France.

Aki Ikemura from Ici La Lune
Mayumi Kaneko


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