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Freader selected in Flash Festival - 05/05/04

Freader bas been selected in Flash Festival organised by le Centre Pompidou

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RSS News Aggregator in trml ! - 07/04/04
rss2trml converts any syndication file (RSS and RDF) into a trml file.

Some examples:
- reader project news in trml T R M L 
- Slashdot news in trml T R M L 

or try to read RSS / RDF File in the status bar

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BBB - 01/04/04
T R L  The 3rd april 2004, a presentation of the "reader" project, a collective reading and a debate will take place at the BBB, 37/39 rue des anges, 31200 Toulouse. tel: 0561133774 mail: Anonymes, Anneke Gräper, Antoine Derouineau, Jeremy Delhuvenne will present their work too...
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Lisible - 30/03/04
The documentation of the last collective reading, which took place at Sorbonne in Paris is available "here".T R M L 
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reader at la friche - 28/03/04
Reader at la friche Belle de Mai, Cabaret aléatoire, Marseilles

Monday 29th March

Reader Party Flyer and the "Daily algorithmics" playlist T R L 
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Friday 19th march at 18pm - 04/03/04

amphithéatre Richelieu

Collective reading with a pianist:
During Teleferique demo:
Friday 19th march at 8.45pm
Université Paris 1, Panthéon-Sorbonne
Amphithéâtre Richelieu,
1 rue de la Sorbonne 75005 Paris, France
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Photos of the collective reading at Paris - 16/02/04


Some photos of the last collective reading at the 11th "carrefour des possibles" (Paris, France) is available (french only) ; )  T R L 

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