Reload Unlimited Ltd

By reloading the unique page of this project you trigger a re-presentation. What the project actualizes might be an urbanistic industrial craze near Paris ... Actually, through its random metaprogramming activity, this page does not represent anything in particular, it just re-presents. The process itself is the acting of the constant (re)actualization of potential architectures. While the (re)generated code appears as the background organizing agent of the layout, the invisible static all-embracing structuralist engine behind knows no compassion but only one compulsive user driven evolution: RELOAD. The 200 icons have been obtained through a similar process, chance injected into code, code into perceptual data. This objectivity opposes the renaissance universal subject and unique viewpoint, hence the multiple perspectives. History is bound within the dynamic building of a new layout. Beyond this spatiotemporal frame is like the 'Library of Babel': any salient meaning is matter of fortuitous juxtapositions. Everything has happened already in the conceptual space of all configurations. For random passers-by, this cosmic sized combinatorial volume is a positive guarantee: no present equals any other, every situation/feeling is new. But experienced as fate, metaphysical disenchantment or lost local identity, it annihilates the subject as quicksands leaving no trace of their victim. Robin Fercoq & Etienne Cliquet 2001